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Dominic's path to the Worldwide stage was enhanced in the mid eighties when a drummer friend invited Dominic to collaborate on some demos. The demos led to Record Producer Hugh Padgham, which led to Phil Collins, and a career long collaboration with Sting.


Playing it forward with music great Dominic Miller:

Some 20 years later, Bobby's path was enhanced when he met Dominic and his friend Lenny at a Studio City Starbucks. Lenny left

with a Latte and a new LA friend. Dominic left with an Espresso and a new US fan. Bobby left with an Americano and a cool name.

Guitar Virtuoso and Recording Artist Dominic Miller has recorded and performed with the Royalty of Rock.

From playing with Phil Collins on But Seriously and the Hit "Another Day In Paradise" to recording with Sting. Miller has played

 on every Sting LP since the Grammy winning The Soul Cages and has played over 1500 tour dates with the singer-songwriter.